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Armin, <mini@gmx.de>, 2002-09-28 10:19

Hi, german boy (34) is looking for a nice email-friendship from st. petersburg. Last year i visited st. petersburg and i spent a very nice time there. bye Armin

Regina, <reginanoack@mailcity.com>, 2002-08-06 12:38

Beautifull apartments for rent in St.Petersburg and Moscow for short and long term. Look and enjoy! Regina

Natalia, <jhont@mail.wplus.net>, 2002-07-11 10:24

Bed and Breakfast in St Petersburg, walking distance to Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, and all points of interest. Nice rooms, modern bathroom, good rates. Contact Natalia at jhont@mail.wplus.net

kurtuschka, <kdonelli@netzwerker.ch>, 2002-07-10 15:38

hallo together ! very nice homepage ! my big love life in st.petersburg : anna yurievna riaska ! i don't heare something from here ! annuschka please, give me a answer ! ja lublu tebia ! many greetings, your kurtuschka !

Sue, <S.Manser@uea.ac.uk>, 2002-07-01 17:15

Thank you for your webcams of St. Petersburg. I spent two very happy years teaching English there, and long to return. Both the city and the people stole my heart. One day...

Эрвин (Erwin), <erwin@eskr.ch>, 2002-06-25 14:06

28 июня мы будем сочетаться браком с Tanja и с Эрвин из Швейцарии Am 28. Juni werden wir Heiraten Tanja und Erwin aus der Schweiz

Monika, 2002-06-19 12:38

I am from Poland i I think Petersberg is the beautiful city in the world!!!!!!!!!!!1

USMAN YAHAYA, <usma@mugu.com>, 2002-06-13 09:16


Jean, <jeangramling@usa.net>, 2002-06-13 02:01

We are coming in three weeks. The pictures of your beautiful city are wonderful. We expect a wonderful visit. Thank You.

Robert, <rob_1971@web.de>, 2002-06-09 22:42

Hey! Very good Homepage... I come from Austria. I was very happy when you make a look to my Homepage http://www.rob1971.at.tt... Very much greetings from Austria Robert

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