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Vit1251, 2002-04-05 23:05

Можно вопрос это только одна камера ?

aliona, <aliona@ape.rowater.ro>, 2002-04-04 15:08

"Piter" !I had the opportunity to spend every year, since I was born, my mothers and then my hollidays in, that time, Leningrad, where are the only relatives I have. Last 12 years I couldn't come and I hope to return to the wanderfull town I love very much,in 2003.Thank you for the site and for the given possibility to walk through St. Peter's streets not only by imagination. Again, thank you! Aliona from Romania.

Lynne, <lynne143@hotmail.com>, 2002-04-03 01:59

I'm from Canada, your site is beautiful, wonderful photos, enchanting city. Thanks for sharing these beauties with us.

GEORGES, <hdvgg@aol.com>, 2002-03-25 19:13

St Petersbourg is the most beautiful town i ever sawn in the world. So nice, so full of history and so lovely inhabitants !I hope to come back very soon.

Pawiel, <lisowskip@plusnet.pl>, 2002-03-23 15:51

Izwinitie. Ja tiepier wsio uznal. Prashchajtie. Pawiel

nataly, <nzavaln@tin.it>, 2002-03-23 11:39

какая прелесть, каждый день в питере бывать.

Pawel, <lisowskip@plusnet.pl>, 2002-03-23 10:20

Izwinietie pazaluista, kakoi fragment, kotoryie nomiery domow pokozywaiet kamiera na Nabiereizie r. Moiki? Serdiecznyi prywiet. Pawiel

Class 8MM, <itcoord@moor-hey.lancsngfl.ac.uk>, 2002-03-21 16:43

We have been watching the river Moika every day on your camera since the start of this year. We've enjoyed watching the river melt and the snow fall, it was very very interesting. Especially today when the river finally melted. We'll continue watching so please keep up the good work. Happy Easter to everyone

Susan, <s.manser@uea.ac.uk>, 2002-03-19 11:40

St Petersburg was my home for two years while I worked there as an English teacher. It is a beautiful city which has stolen my heart. Sometimes it can be a difficult place for a foreigner, but then, where isn't? The webcams keep me in touch until I can return. Thank you.

Elina and Ken, 2002-03-18 07:05

This is a message for Ben, who wrote the message below. Hi Ben. Hello from California. You are obviously the person deprived of the gift to see the beauty around yourself. Any city in the USA or in Europe, or anywhere in the world can be called a <shithole> in your sense. I depends WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. St. Petersburg is doing a great, fantastic job to rennovate the city, and it is getting even more beautiful with every day. Its beauty is eternal and never fading. Its cultural heritage is enormous and famous throughout the world, and its people are friendly and generous. In other words, do not go where you do not belong. And, God, do not go to Africa!!! They truly do not need you there!!!

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