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kirill, <kirill>, 2007-01-02 19:09

From Russia with Love...Kirill

Tarra from Toronto Can., 2006-12-15 02:08

i love your web camera, i've been watching it for years. when i was in st.petersburg i walked pasted it to wave. hi to my friends in st.petersburg

Rada, <rado@info.fr>, 2006-11-29 13:41

Klassno, korgda mogno posmotret eto cherez internet. Spasibo Vam! http://www.homewindows.pochta.ru/

Mikhail, <bactet2002@yahoo.co.uk>, 2006-11-20 02:49

I now have 9 more days before I am back in my favourite city. If the weather stays like this I will be leaving my boots at home. All my friends say it is the weirdest weather pattern they have ever known which is a pity really as I was looking forward to playing snowballs on Mars Field again. One can only hope and keep ones fingers crossed.One thing I am worried about I note that all this week BA planes have all been about 1 hour late leaving LAP for Pulkova.

Mikhail, <credon49@aol.com>, 2006-11-02 13:35

Nov. 2nd. 2006 I guess thats another tourist season over for Spb I see this morning they took away the landing stage on the other side of the Moika.

Mikhail, <credon49@aol.com>, 2006-10-16 18:50

This site keeps me in touch with Spb I look at it at least once a day been there many times and I love it. Have many friends there now been once this year and going again in 6 weeks time. BTW liz if you are still looking the webcam is above the entrance to Elisse Hotel at moiki canal I recommend this lovely city to any one

Alan Green, <alangreen87@hotmail.com>, 2006-10-15 21:50

One of very few good webcams in St Petersburg.

Alan Green, <alangreen87@hotmail.com>, 2006-10-15 21:49

One of very few good webcams in St Petersburg.

HAKAN, <karasevdahakan@hotmail.com>, 2006-09-18 22:37

hello slm melekler

Geoff Akehurst, <geoff@gakehurst.worldonline.co.uk>, 2006-08-31 15:59

Good Web cam but please can you focus the camera because the picture is not clear any more.

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